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RESIDENCE is a director-in-residence program at GS&P that was established to create new opportunities for underrepresented voices by helping rewrite the playbook for how brands, agencies and storytellers collaborate with one another in a rapidly evolving content ecosystem. Based in San Francisco, Los Angeles and NYC, RESIDENCE brings filmmakers and new-media artists from around the globe together to establish authenticity early on in the creative process and at every touch point throughout production.


Founder, Executive Director


I get excited by all the change happening in our industry right now, and I love the spirit of innovation we are seeing. The beauty of RESIDENCE is in how everyone will contribute to the program—our partners, the filmmaker community, brands and the agency—and that really is what will make it grow. More

Sophie Zelon

As the program manager, Sophie leads director experience and community engagement for RESIDENCE. Prior to joining GS&P, Sophie worked in television development and production at Amazon Studios, and spent three years on the talent side at United Talent Agency, where she worked with directors, writers, line producers and cinematographers. Her mix of production and talent-management experience, combined with her passion for the entertainment industry, makes her uniquely poised to take command as our program manager.

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How it works

Each RESIDENCE cohort will include 12 directors in three rotations per year. Our inaugural class launched on June 13 in partnership with FREE THE WORK, a curated talent-discovery platform for underrepresented creators. The directors will participate in workshops, roundtables and creative conversations with leaders in the production community, including RESIDENCE partners Brand Storytelling, Invisible Collective, TeamPeople and Whitehouse Post.


This next-generation artist set will be curated in partnership with organizations across the production landscape, with the shared goal of creating opportunities for underrepresented voices.

Free the work

FREE THE WORK is a nonprofit global initiative and talent-discovery platform for underrepresented creators behind the lens. Its mission is to create equity in the industry by making equality actionable in TV, film, advertising, media and tech. As a RESIDENCE launch partner, FREE THE WORK cocurated the inaugural class of directors and crafted workshops.

Invisible Collective

Invisible Collective is a creative collective that is equal parts production company and creative studio. Based in Los Angeles and founded by a trio of production and advertising-industry leaders, Invisible Collective produces work by diverse and innovative talent who have yet to be discovered or utilized by the advertising industry. The collective believes that the best and brightest work is created in collaboration among people of varied backgrounds, aesthetics and perspectives.

Brand Storytelling Certification in Brand-Funded Film

This first-of-its-kind certificate program takes a deep dive into the core aspects of brand-funded entertainment. The program is taught by some of today’s most influential names in brand storytelling and creates a community of learners in the brand-funded entertainment space. Its brand-sponsored RFP delivers experiential learning that’s unique in the certificate space, and its brand sponsors support diversity-focused scholarship opportunities and the development of diverse storytellers.


Working at the intersection of creative and digital, TeamPeople designs and implements scalable workforce solutions for agencies, brands and global organizations. It acts as a strategic partner to build dynamic teams for in-house studios, broadcast and cable networks, video productions, marketing operations, live/virtual/hybrid events, and AR/VR/XR and experiential content. Made up of a diverse group of artists and technologists, TeamPeople takes joy in the diversity of its teams and strives to be forever inclusive, welcoming, fair and open. Whether they’re looking to hire or seeking a new opportunity, everyone wants to work with a #DreamTeam.

Whitehouse Post

Whitehouse Post believes in fostering editorial storytelling in a creative and supportive environment with an emphasis on molding the best young talent into excellent editors— something it has done for over 30 years. Its global roster represents many diverse voices and some of the best editorial talent in the world.